Best skin cleanser for different skin types

Best skin cleanser for different skin types

Best skin cleanser for different skin types

Cleansing can sometimes be seen as a chore, but you shouldn't look at it like that. Take this time to care for your skin, pamper it. You may spend some time applying your makeup for the day, therefore you want to spend some time removing it from your skin.

A tip we have learned over the years is to double cleanse especially when you are removing your makeup. Some skin cleansers clean deep enough that you may not need a second cleanse. Although we are all about the double cleanse, it will clean much deeper into the pores and remove any impurities.

Finding the right cleanser for your skin is important in order to avoid dehydration, potential breakouts, clogging and sensitivity. We have a number of different skin cleansers for every skin type. 

How often should I cleanse my skin?

While the jury is still split on whether we should be cleansing morning and night, we feel you should listen to your own skin. If you have excessively oily skin you should cleanse first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. If you have dry or sensitive skin, it is advised to cleanse your skin at night and splash warm water on your face in the morning.

You should especially cleanse your skin after a workout, this will help to prevent breakouts and spot-causing bacteria.

What skin cleanser should I use?

There is no such thing as one cleanser suits all, there are many skin cleansers to suit different skin types. First, know your skin type and then you can begin to dip your toe in the pool of cleaners out there.

Next look at the ingredients in the skin cleanser, all cleansers are designed to be gentle on your skin, although some ingredients cause irrigation. Cleansers containing alcohol should be avoided, this is because the alcohol can dry out your skin and over time your skin may become sensitive.

You want a cleanser that will clean your skin without the greasy or tacky feeling after rinsing. Plus, they should be free of fragrance and paraben-free, these added chemicals can also cause irritation and breakouts.

We would recommend the following types of cleansers for the following skin types.

Foam cleansers

Foaming cleansers can come in a cream or gel form, they build up to a foamy consistency when they are mixed with water. The foam is designed to reach and clean out pores while removing dirt and makeup.

woman cleansing her skin

Foaming cleansers can be quite drying on the skin, therefore they are recommended more so for oily and combination skin types.

Cream cleansers

Cream cleansers are our favourite. They have a rich texture and are full of moisturising properties. This type of skin cleanser will not strip away the skin's natural oils or lather too much, leaving your skin smooth and hydrated.

They are the perfect skin cleanser for removing makeup, and they also help to control sebum excretions. Cream cleansers are best suited for dry and sensitive skin types.

Gel cleansers

These skin cleansers have a  clear, jelly-like consistency. Gel cleansers will give the skin a deep cleansing with just one wash, and also remove excess oil, clean out spot-causing bacteria and decongest pores. With their moisturising and hydrating ingredients, they will leave your skin with a moist and fresh feeling.

They are also brilliant cleansers for removing makeup. They are ideal for normal, oily, combination and acne-prone skin.

Micellar cleansing water

Micellar water has become very popular over the last few years. It is the lightest form of skin cleanser and they have a similar texture to water.  They are made with micelles which are tiny oil molecules that remove dirt. 

skin cleanser being applied to the skin with a cotton pad

The main thing that makes micellar water so appealing is that it requires no rinsing. It can be applied using cotton pads, and it is the perfect multi-purpose product that removes makeup, cleanses and tones the skin.

This type of skin cleanser is best suited for dry, oily, normal or sensitive skin.

Cleansing oil

Cleansing oils do not dry out the skin, they nourish it. They are super gentle and are very effective in removing makeup. They act more of a pre-cleanser, in comparison to some of the other cleansers discussed. After using your oil cleanser you should rinse it off and make sure to use a regular deep-cleansing cleanser. Cleansing oil works great for dry, normal and combination skin types.

Cleansing balm

Balms and cleansing oils have very similar properties, although balms have a more solid form. They are rich and creamy and melt into an oily texture on the skin. These types of skin cleansers are great for makeup removal and because they can pamper the skin with nourishing ingredients.  Balm cleansers are best suited for dry to normal skin.


What comes next?

After you have cleansed your skin you then most follow your skincare routine as normal. Use your chosen toner, serum, oil and moisturiser to complete the process. 

What to remember:

  • Know your skin type or concern
  • Look out for harsh ingredients
  • Choose the right skin cleanser
  • Double cleanse if needed  
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