The perfect affordable Christmas gifts

The perfect affordable Christmas gifts

The perfect affordable Christmas gifts

Whether you're looking for Christmas gifts for her, for the men in your life, or for friends, Poko has you covered.

At Poko, we've had an overwhelmingly positive response to our Rejuvenate Bundle. Because of this, we're ready to introduce a few new skincare kits -- just in time for Christmas.

Here's what you need to know for a very Poko Christmas.

The Luminous Kit: the perfect Christmas gift for her

Over winter, our skin needs a little more TLC, and that's what this skincare kit is all about. Therefore, our brand-new Luminous Kit was put together to get that glow!


If you're looking for a Christmas gift for your favourite skincare enthusiast, look no further than our Luminous Kit.

The Luminous Kit comes with three Poko superstars that can boost hydration, keeping the skin plump and moisturised all winter long. Here's what it comes with:

Correcting Eye Cream --

This eye cream targets the delicate skin under your eyes, keeping it healthy and hydrated. It's full of soothing botanicals, like plant oils and aloe vera, to help reduce puffiness.

Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser --

This moisturiser helps combat the dryness and dullness that seems so common in the winter.

Our Luxury Facial Oil really takes this gift of Christmas skincare to the next level. It's a non-comedogenic, non-greasy way to keep the skin hydrated. Plus, it smells good enough to eat (or drink)!

Our Luminous Kit can be used both in the morning and at night. It's the perfect, affordable Christmas gift for someone who could use a little more hydration in their skincare routine.

The Timeless Kit: a gift your friends will love

To come up with our Timeless Kit, we've combined some of the best skincare products from our Rejuvenate range with a few powerhouses from our Revive range.

This is the ideal skincare Christmas gift for people who want to hit pause on the ageing button, but also want to keep their skin calm and soothed all through the winter.


Here's what it comes with:

Correcting Eye Cream --

The winter weather can really do a number on the delicate area under our eyes. It can also make fine lines appear more pronounced. This is why we've included it in our Timeless Kit. It's a gentle, effective way to keep the under-eye area hydrated and happy.

Soothing Serum --

Our Soothing Serum is a light, quick-absorbing formula, suitable for all skin types. The inclusion of tea tree oil helps fight excess oil production, redness, and spot-causing bacteria. However, don't let this serum's light texture fool you. It's also got some serious moisturising properties, thanks to the addition of vegetable glycerin and fruit extracts.

Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser --

It's never too early for a boost of collagen. This moisturiser contains Matrixyl 3000, a peptide that stimulates the natural production of collagen. It's also rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E, to combat UV damage.

Our Timeless Kit has found the sweet spot between anti-ageing and moisturising skincare products. It's not just a Christmas gift for friends with ageing skin -- it's for everyone.

The Enriching Kit: a Christmas gift for men who have everything

Skincare products might not be your go-to Christmas gift for the men in your life. However, at Poko, we're changing the game for the better -- our products are for everyone.

Our Enriching Kit is the perfect trio. In fact, we think it's so good that it could give Destiny's Child a run for their money! This kit consists of:


Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser --

Our Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser boosts the skin's natural moisture barrier through the winter months, without clogging pores. Sure, it's a great starting point to moisturisers, but with all its botanicals and nutrients, don't be surprised if it turns into an essential skincare product!

Soothing Serum --

We mentioned earlier that our Soothing Serum is suitable for all skin types. That's why we included it in our Enriching kit. It's a non-greasy way to keep skin hydrated through the winter months, and it'll also help to soothe the post-Movember razor burn.

Luxury Facial Oil --

We've added the Luxury Facial Oil to our Enriching Kit, because together, these products are a winning combination. Lock in all the moisture and hydration from the moisturiser and serum with this facial oil. Plus, our Luxury Facial Oil is non-comedogenic, so it goes on smoothly, without a greasy, pore-clogging finish.

To come up with our Enriching Kit, we've hand-picked some of the best products from our collection. We know how well they work together, but when you give someone the gift of skincare at Christmas, they'll be able to see the results for themselves.

This Christmas, you'll sleigh with Poko

Poko's new range of kits is sure to be a hit this Christmas. After all, good skincare products are truly the gifts that keep on giving.

However, if you're after more affordable gifts, all our products can be purchased individually. We love this option, especially as stocking-stuffers.

Plus, all our products are cruelty-free -- so you know you're spreading cheer and goodwill all around, this Christmas!

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