Top 7 beauty routines to try at home

Top 7 beauty routines to try at home

Top 7 beauty routines to try at home

We’ve extolled the benefits of self-care before, and we’ll do it again. 

The lines between home and office are blurring. Putting away your work laptop in the evening can be difficult; finding time to indulge in some self-care, even more so.

Trying out a new daily beauty routine at home is a form of self-care, too. We’ve got some great ideas -- and most of them won’t eat into your day, we promise!

Daily beauty routine at home

Try a face mask

Since skincare clinics and spas are just starting to open, you’ll know they’re booked out for weeks. You might not be able to get a facial just yet, but you can give your skin the enriching boost it needs. 

Sheet masks, clay masks, peel-off masks, gel masks -- it’s the perfect time to experiment with them, and find out what works for you.

beauty routine

If you’re up for the full spa experience, we love this DIY avocado face mask!

Grow out your eyebrows

The strong eyebrow trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. If your brows never really recovered from the paper-thin style of the noughties, you can help them along. Put down the tweezers, pick up a good eyebrow serum, and your brows will flourish in no time.

Plus, helping your brows along might even add time to your day, instead of taking away from it.

Re-organise your beauty products

You might want to wait for a rainy weekend for this one. Take some time to sort through your beauty products, especially if you’ve switched to a new serum recently. You’re more than likely to find a number of bottles and tubes past their expiration date.

Into the bin they go, leaving you with more space for that new cruelty-free moisturiser.

Clean your makeup brushes

If you’re working from home, you’re probably giving your skin a break from makeup. 

But when was the last time you washed your makeup brushes? If they’ve been tucked away in your makeup bag -- out of sight, out of mind -- it’s time to give them a thorough clean.

cleaning makeup brushes

Wash the makeup residue off your brushes with warm water and antibacterial soap, and repeat until they’re clean. Gently squeeze the water out, before leaving them to dry on a towel, near a radiator. All done -- and the night is still young!

Experiment with makeup

We all miss nights out with our girls. It used to be a ritual -- getting ready together, pre-drink cocktail mixes, before piling into a taxi together. It might be a while before this happens, but you know your squad is ready to hit the club again.

Impress them by trying out and practicing new makeup looks. Find a timeless look that really works for you, emphasising your best features. Once you’ve got the look down, you know you’ll be able to nail it before a night out!

Sleep in

If you aren’t commuting to work on a daily basis, you get to reap the benefits of sleeping in! Not to get too wild, but go ahead and set your alarm 30 minutes later. Sleep is important, and catching up on it can do wonders.

Good quality sleep can naturally boost your immune system. When you’re asleep, your skin makes new collagen. Turns out, they call it beauty sleep for a reason!

Moisturise your hands

Sure, we’re all a little paranoid about washing and sanitising our hands, these days. Some of us have industrial-sized bottles of hand sanitiser, on every available surface. If that’s you -- that’s great; we respect that!

However, washing your hands frequently means your skin is dry and itchy. With autumn drawing closer, avoid cracking and peeling by moisturising.

Before you go to bed, slather your hands in a moisturiser of your choice. Cover them with gloves (or a pair of socks, if you’re stuck!). The moisturiser will work wonders at enriching your skin, and you’ll have baby-soft hands, overnight.

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