Poko scoops up four nominations at the OTC and Retail Pharmacy Products Awards!

Poko scoops up four nominations at the OTC and Retail Pharmacy Products Awards!

Poko scoops up four nominations at the OTC and Retail Pharmacy Products Awards!

Poko is starting 2022 off with a bang – because when have we ever done otherwise? We're proud to announce that our products have been nominated for four different categories at the OTC and Retail Pharmacy Products Awards. Featuring 19 different categories, these awards are some of the best in the Irish pharmaceutical world.

Originally launched in 2015, the awards celebrate the cream of the crop – outstanding products from the last year. We're delighted to be included. After all, new year, new nominations! With a panel of 40 esteemed judges from the community pharmacy sector, we'll be up against some of the best products on the market. Each category comprises five different products, all hand-selected to feature only the best.

In 2022, Poko's making waves!

This year alone, Poko has already forged new paths. Our Luxury Facial Oil won the Gold Medal at the 2022 Your Healthy Living Awards. These four nominations are just the icing on the cake, and we aren't even a quarter through the year! But what exactly did we get nominated for? And which stellar products earned these nominations?

Well, the list includes four Poko favourites, in no particular order:

Each of these products will go head-to-head with four other finalists, hand-selected by the panel of judges. This means that each product is truly of the highest standard, from natural wellness product options, to the best form of eye care available in Ireland. Therefore, we have no doubt that each nomination offers a worthy challenge – one that we're certainly up for! 

Hosted by Ireland’s leading pharmacy publication, the awards are certainly something to look forward to. The publication was also recently named Ireland’s Most Trusted Pharmacy Publication by the Irish Pharmacy News. Therefore, it’s clear that these results will only feature the best of the best.

The results of the OTC and Retail Pharmacy Products Awards will be announced in April. This spectacular event features pharmaceutical industry superstars, including skincare organisations and wellness businesses. Natalie Maginnis commented on this, saying, “The role of the pharmacist is crucial in helping [consumers] to make informed choices and as such, they too must always remain educated and knowledgeable on the most efficient and suitable OTC products for a variety of ailments.”

She also highlighted the importance of the shortlisted products, saying, that the shortlisted options would be able to pass their product’s message onto the judges, who would then make the final decision for the consumers – the most crucial step in the process. We're very proud to be a part of this, and cannot wait to see the results of each nomination.

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Poko: cruelty-free beauty for the many

At Poko, we're grateful to have achieved so much, in such a short time frame. In 2020, we were nominated for two Your Healthy Living Awards, and shortlisted in several ASOS Beauty Award categories. We surpassed this record in 2021 when our Correcting Eye Cream won a Beauty Bible Award. The same year, our Luxury Facial Oil also won a Your Healthy Living Award.

2021 also saw us become fully Leaping Bunny certified, establishing that we don't use animal derivatives in our products. This also means that we don't test on animals at any step of the process, offering you and your loved ones cruelty-free, vegan-friendly skincare. In the years since our inception, Poko has gone from a niche selection, attempting to close a gap in the market, to a truly unique skincare option.

Now, we're able to offer all-natural skincare solutions; ones that work for a variety of skin types and concerns. With the publicity we've received from different awards and nominations, we've been able to grow our brand, coming up with new products. No matter the outcome of the nominations, we're delighted to have been included.

For more information about Poko's nominations, and the results of the OTC and Retail Pharmacy Products Awards, follow @pokoskincare on Instagram!

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