5 Autumn Skincare Tips for Happy Skin Routine

5 Autumn Skincare Tips for Happy Skin Routine

5 Autumn Skincare Tips for Happy Skin Routine

As the days get shorter and sweater weather approaches, we’ve got a lot to look forward to. Sure, most autumn skin care tips & activities might be off the cards this year. Still, who says you can’t curl up in front of the fire with a good book, or to watch Hocus Pocus again?

If you’re already missing that carefully-cultivated summer glow on your skin, we know that feeling. But you can glow -- with or without summer sunshine. Glowing skin is a sign of healthy skin. With the right autumn skincare routine, you can make that glow last way past autumn and long into the winter! Here are some tips to make that happen.

Don’t ditch the SPF

We know how important SPF can be when the sun is out. It protects your skin from UV rays and signs of premature ageing. It also helps keep your complexion even. A common misconception is that SPF is only needed during the summer months -- especially when it’s hot.


While it’s important to wear SPF in the summer, it’s good to include SPF in your skincare routine, year-round. UV rays can damage your skin, regardless of the weather or the season. As part of your autumn skincare routine, make a habit out of wearing an SPF. Remember to reapply regularly!

Poko tip: Pomegranate seed oil is a great source of vitamin C. Add a few drops of Luxury Facial Oil to your SPF for an extra protective layer.

Hydration is essential

During the summer, hydration is key. Chugging multiple pints of water a day is a great way of keeping thirst at bay. While we aren’t as thirsty during colder months, it’s just as important to keep drinking water. Even if you aren’t thirsty this autumn, keep a glass of water handy, and sip it regularly.

Dry, flaky skin can be synonymous with winter, and staying hydrated is the secret to combating it.In addition to drinking more water, give your skin a little help by moisturising it more than you usually would.

Poko’s Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser is full of aloe vera juice, shea butter, and olive oil, making it a great hydration booster. Supporting your skin’s hydration with oil or a moisturiser keeps your skin happy during colder months. Happy skin means you follow the autumn skin care tips for that glow. Pairing the Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser with our Correcting Eye Cream is the perfect hydration combo. 


Exfoliate the right way

Should dry skin and flaky skin simply be exfoliated away along with the dead skin cells? Yes, but maybe not in the way you might think. Your skin is generally more sensitive during periods of transition. Physical exfoliants can cause your skin more harm than good during this fragile state.

If your skin is too dry, you may want to check out Hyaluronic acid. It helps to trap moisture inside the skin cells.

This autumn, switch from scrubs and dermabrasion to a chemical option, up to twice a week. Products with ingredients like lactic and glycolic acid are a great way to gently exfoliate your skin, without aggravating it giving you that summer skin.

Poko tip: It’s easy to over-exfoliate your skin, especially during periods of transition. Reinforce your skin’s natural moisture barrier and moisturise after exfoliating.

It’s retinol time

Retinol is great for promoting collagen growth and reducing fine lines. It also helps with a smooth, even skin tone. However, retinol can also increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, so it should be used sparingly in the summer.

This means that autumn is the perfect time to add retinol to your skincare routine! Slowly increase your skin’s tolerance to retinol by using a little at a time. Once you’ve worked up to using it every evening, retinol will be an autumn skincare staple. Follow up with an SPF the next day; your skin should be protected, regardless!

Poko tip: Your skin can take a little longer to get used to a retinol treatment. To calm those purging breakouts, try Poko's Soothing Serum. It is the perfect lightweight formula to help calm stressed skin.

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Eat the season

Autumn means harvest season, and harvest season means pumpkins! No, they’re not just for carving.

Woman_holding_pumpkinPumpkins and butternut squashes are full of vitamin C, which not only helps to stave off those pesky winter colds, but is also a great antioxidant. They’re also rich in potassium, making them great for healthy hair and nails.

If you’ve found yourself with an excess of pumpkin, fear not. Just add some honey and a few dashes of nutmeg to turn any extra pumpkin puree into an enriching, all-natural face mask.


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