Dark circles under the eyes: What causes them and how to treat them

Dark circles under the eyes: What causes them and how to treat them

Dark circles under the eyes: What causes them and how to treat them

If there are signs of fatigue around the eyes, dark pigmentation is the number one culprit. Everybody experiences tired-looking eyes or fatigue, especially after 30, but dark circles can result from various factors. No one approach fits all to getting rid of dark circles because several contributing factors exist. We will look at products that may be helpful and other lifestyle factors that may help.

Pigmentation and dark under-eye circles

Before deciding what product to use for your dark eye circles, you need to figure out what's causing them. The most common causes of under-eye dark circles are vascular changes, structural anatomical changes, and pigmentation.

  • Vascular refers to a bluish hue underneath the eyes, usually due to thin skin.
  • Structural or anatomical change refers to the hollowness or shadowing underneath the eyes; it's typically due to fat loss and fat herniation, weight loss or the ageing process.
  • Pigmentation refers to a brownish hue that is underneath the eyes. Any dark circle treatment you choose should target the reason for your dark circles.

Puffy eyes and dark circles

One of the most common problems is puffiness that causes shadowing. The eyelid has got fat right behind it, our eyeballs enclosed in a cone of bone called the orbit, or (the eye socket). This socket is filled with fat, and right in front of the eye socket is your eyelid.

In some people, this orbit can protrude and cause the eyelids to look puffy. Puffy eyes may also result from lifestyle, environmental factors or even genetic structural factors which cause fat displacement. Allergies, for instance, can cause fluid swelling or oedema underneath the eyes.

Too much salty food, a little too much alcohol, lack of sleep or crying all contribute to puffy eyes. If there is shadowing due to puffy eyes, addressing the external or internal causes will make a difference.

Protection, prevention, and concealing

As we get older, there's more significant skin laxity between the heavy cheek muscles pulling down and the thinner skin around the eyes. Products that promote increased collagen and elastin can improve skin laxity in this area.

Our Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser contains essential vitamins that help reduce UV damage and uneven skin tone. It is formulated to promote healthy, plump skin, and when used with our award-winning Correcting Eye Cream, the results are remarkable.

Designed to target puffiness and nourish that sensitive under-eye area, this gentle, creamy eye correcting cream has already won the Beauty Bible Silver Award 2021. This little bottle packs a powerful punch full of natural antioxidants, collagen boosting, nourishing vitamins and natural ingredients.

Tips to prevent dark circles

While some dark circles are hereditary, most require simple solutions like staying hydrated, getting more sleep, and making a few lifestyle adjustments. Applying the correct nutrient-rich, hydrating, regenerating correcting cream will most certainly help keep sensitive under-eye skin protected.

Other things which may make a difference include

  • Wearing sunglasses with good UVA and UVB when in the sun
  • Using sun cream when outside in the sunshine
  • Try not to rub your eyes when possible
  • Stay hydrated
  • Maintain a regular sleep pattern

There are various contributing factors to dark under-eye circles. Therefore, looking at the root cause will help you decide on the most effective targeted treatment for you.

However, you can not underestimate the benefit of good eye cream or moisturiser to help reduce dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness under the eyes.  Therefore, it is worthwhile exploring the benefits for yourself.

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