Give your skin the ultimate glow with this face massage tutorial

Give your skin the ultimate glow with this face massage tutorial

Give your skin the ultimate glow with this face massage tutorial

Why bother if you’re stuck at home?

Let’s face it ladies - it looks like we’re not going to be getting our monthly beautician appointments back any time soon. We need to take matters into our own hands - literally.

But why should I bother with extra skincare when I’m isolated, at home, not seeing anyone other than my Netflix account and the courier (who now knows me on a first-name basis)?

Take this as your opportunity, the excuse you have been waiting for, to get your skincare routine sorted once and for all.

Once you’re in this habit you’ll never look back.

The first step is getting the basics right in terms of skincare.

Now it’s time to start thinking about the extra steps you can take, just once a week, to make the real difference to your skin.

By following our guide, you’ll step out of lockdown looking and feeling the best your skin has ever been.

Prepare your skin

So let’s take it that your skin has been in preparation for this treatment for the last couple of weeks - you’re following our skincare guide, drinking hot water and lemon and getting plenty of shut-eye. Super stuff.

All you need to do now is prep your equipment. You’ll need the following;

  • Your favourite cleanser
  • A good quality facial oil
  • A facial massage tool (or your hands if not!)

Jade rollers are readily available in most skincare outlets and don’t need to be the expensive investment they once were.


Facial massages not only keep your skin looking young and fresh by boosting blood supply to the face and improving circulation, but they also double up as a relaxing treat to de-stress and combat feelings of anxiety. Double win.

Step by step guide

  1. Remove any makeup and cleanse skin with your favourite products. We always recommend a double cleanse, to first remove the day’s dirt and make up, as this will allow the second cleanse to actually clean your skin.
  2. Grab your product of choice for the massage. For best results, we recommend the highly nourishing Poko Luxury Facial Oil - this will make you feel like you’re being pampered in your favourite salon.
  3. Apply a few drops of oil to moist hands and gently rub onto the surface of your skin. Begin with your decolletage and neck, moving upwards with long, sweeping movements. Use light pressure at first and increase as you feel the benefits. Remember - you want to help your skin stay strong and full of elasticity. That’s why we never pull skin down - it will only help gravity!
  4. Moving on to the delicate eye area, gently roll fingertips or your tool from the corners of the eyes outwards. This will help drain any fluid which may have built up, reducing any puffy eyes.
  5. Finish off by applying your favourite serum, moisturiser and eye cream to really hydrate the skin.

Maintain your glow

The great thing about a facial massage, is that you can tailor it to suit you. Spend 5 minutes, 20 minutes or an hour - the choice is yours. There’s no such thing as overdoing it when it comes to massaging the skin, every treatment is making a difference.

By mixing facial oil with moisturiser, you can adjust the level of hydration your skin needs. You’ll also get to know how your skin reacts to changes in food, weather and your general health and adjust accordingly.

If you combine this weekly treatment along with your great skincare routine and healthy lifestyle, your glow will last long after the long summer evenings have passed.

Take the time to look after you and your skin. It’s an investment you won’t regret making.

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