How to get rid of open pores: 8 effective ways

How to get rid of open pores: 8 effective ways

How to get rid of open pores: 8 effective ways

We all love that post-face mask glow; that dewy finish, smooth skin, and tiny pores. However, that hydrated glow doesn't last forever. More often than not, our pores are the culprit in the fight against textured skin. Oil, sebum, and dirt can also make them appear larger than they really are. But how do you get rid of pores, and can this actually be done?

Well, yes - you can do this, to an extent. If you've ever hyper-fixated on your skin, you'll know that pore sizes can differ. For people blessed with naturally small pores, congratulations! You'll need minimal work to get rid of open pores. In fact, a good cleanser and a chemical-exfoliating routine should work wonders on your skin.

However, if your pores are on the larger side, they might require a little more management. At Poko, we'll tell you what you can do to minimise their appearance, while caring for your skin in the best possible way. Plus, our methods are completely skin-friendly; no unsafe hacks, dangerous chemicals, or harmful physical methods. After all, we've always said that all skin is good skin - even without getting rid of larger pores!

There's actually no getting rid of pores...

Now that we have your attention, we have to tell you this: you can't actually get rid of your pores. In fact, pores occupy most of your skin - except for your palms and the soles of your feet. They exist across your skin, wherever you have hair. Therefore, there's really no getting rid of them. Even if there was a way to completely remove your pores, you might not want to.

According to Dr Dennis Gross, they also play a rather important role, especially when it comes to your skin's natural moisture barrier. Your pores allow sebum to reach your skin's surface, providing moisture and lubrication. Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, your pores are doing their job, trying to keep your skin hydrated and happy!

Therefore, there's no real way to "get rid" of your pores. However, there are safe ways to minimise them, making them look smaller. This, in turn, will give you smoother-looking skin. Whether you're putting on makeup, or want to embrace that natural glow this autumn, we want to help. While you can't get rid of your pores (and you wouldn't want to!), here's how to minimise their appearance.

Cleanse, cleanse, and cleanse some more!

When you have larger pores, you'll know that practically anything can cause inflammation, making them appear even larger. If you'd like to know how to close these pores, it all comes down to one thing: your cleansing routine. Larger pores can appear even more enlarged when dirt, makeup, and sebum all pile up inside them. Over time, this can cause blackheads, breakouts, and inflammation.

However, you probably already have the handiest weapon in your arsenal, in getting rid of the appearance of enlarged pores. Here, it all comes down to a good cleanser. Most times, people opt for a heavy-duty, intense cleanser, peppered with harsh active ingredients. These cleansers might make your skin feel tight after use, but don't equate tightness with cleanliness.

In fact, tight skin is actually a sign that you could be over-cleansing your skin. Your skin becomes tight because it's stripped of its natural oils. This, in turn, could encourage extra sebum production, leading to larger pores. Therefore, it's best to opt for a more gentle cleanser. If you're looking for a deeper clean, consider trying the double-cleansing method. By doing this, you'll be able to gently cleanse your skin from dirt, grime, oil, and makeup without drying out your skin.

By doing this, you'll be able to manage the appearance of your pores. While you won't exactly get rid of your pores, regular cleansing will make them appear smaller, and make your skin look smoother.

Be consistent with taking your makeup off

After a long day, taking your makeup off can seem like an unnecessary step from the front door to the couch. However, by taking some time to properly cleanse your skin (and take your makeup off), you'll see a big difference in your pore size and appearance. We've all been there; forgetting to take our makeup off, and then waking up the next day with greasy skin, pores that seem twice their usual size, and a dirty pillow.

how to get rid of open pores

Instead of simply adapting to this way of life, take your makeup off! After all, falling asleep with your makeup on can further clog your skin. That's right; you won't just have dirt and oil to contend with - you'll have built-up makeup in your pores. If you regularly clean your makeup brushes or beauty blenders, you'll know how stubborn old makeup can be. Therefore, by removing your makeup right after you get in the door, you'll be helping yourself with your pore journey.

While this isn't exactly a way to get rid of open pores on your face, prevention is better than cure. By taking your makeup off, you'll prevent those enlarged pores, making your skin look smoother - with minimal effort!

Want to get rid of and close larger pores? Try a chemical exfoliant!

At Poko, we've often discussed the benefits of chemical exfoliation. While this might sound scary at first, it's a key step in encouraging healthy skin. With proper use, chemical exfoliation can encourage cell growth, remove dead skin cells, and work wonders on acne scars. Additionally, while chemical exfoliation can't get rid of your pores, it can certainly help minimise their appearance.

Occasionally, your pores might appear more prominent. You might have been a little lax with your skincare routine recently. However, this could also be down to transition seasons; when the weather gets colder or warmer, your skin can react by producing more oil. This could result in even more sebum filling your pores, and making them appear larger. In this case, you might be tempted to pick at your pores with an extractor. However, unless you're a licensed aesthetician, we'd recommend staying away from this method.

Instead, consider adding a good-quality chemical exfoliant to your skincare routine. In this case, an alpha-hydroxy acid (commonly known as an AHA) can go a long way. First, cleanse your face, and dry it completely, before applying your AHA skincare product of choice. AHAs work to gently unclog your pores, dissolving the oil, dirt, and sebum that have built up in them over time.

Over time, you'll notice a difference in the size of your pores, as the AHAs get rid of the build-up in them. In fact, a good chemical exfoliant routine will gradually help minimise your pore appearance with regular use. Therefore, if you're looking to get rid of dead skin and make your pores appear smaller, a good AHA could do the trick!

This might sound strange, but hydration is key

People with oily skin tend to have more textured skin, as excess sebum can clog your pores, making them appear larger. If you're looking at how to get rid of open pores on your nose, you might want to blame your moisturiser. However, it's important that you don't scrap hydration from both your AM and PM routines. In fact, hydration can be a key step in regulating sebum production.

This might be slightly confusing, as we've discussed pores so far. How can hydration and moisturiser help minimise your pore appearance, especially if you have oily skin? Well, it's fairly simple - when your skin isn't properly hydrated, its natural moisture barrier is compromised. This means that it can appear dry and flaky, and feel tight after cleansing. When backed into a corner like this, your skin tries to help you help it along.

To do this, your skin produces excess sebum, which makes your skin appear even more oily, and your pores look even larger. However, you can avoid this by taking matters into your own hands with your natural moisture barrier.

Instead of waiting for your skin to produce more oil than usual, add a good moisturiser to your skincare routine - we'd recommend Poko's Light Hydrating Moisturiser. Full of ingredients to gently hydrate your skin, this moisturiser helps reinforce your natural moisture barrier. Therefore, you'll prevent excess oil production, getting rid of open pores, and making them look much smaller than usual. This is particularly important during transition seasons, so try some on your skin today!

Get rid of skincare products (and routines) that can hurt your pores

Earlier, we mentioned that you should avoid harsh cleansers. We should probably also tell you that you might want to avoid some products, based on their ingredients. Many products formulated for oily skin can be extremely harsh. For example, products with ingredients like pure tea tree oil, witch hazel, and peppermint oil can all irritate and dry out your skin.

While they might offer a reprieve from that oily sheen, it's only temporary. In fact, these products, despite their natural ingredients, could seriously affect your skin in the long run by stripping your natural moisture barrier. This will result in excess oil production, generating larger pores - continuing the cycle.

At Poko, we believe in clean, gentle beauty. With this perspective in mind, you'll be able to provide your skin with the care it needs, gently hydrating and cleansing with mild ingredients.

Be wary of home remedies

Home remedies for open pores can seem like a handy way to address the issue. Plus, they're all fairly affordable - and you can utilise whatever you have at home. However, this might not be the best possible option.

For example, many home remedies for how to close pores involve a physical exfoliant. DIY variety physical exfoliants can be extremely dangerous, as they aren't sterile. Plus, they can also cause micro-tears in your skin, opening your skin to the chance of inflammation and infection. Therefore, instead of getting rid of pores, this might only exacerbate the issue.

In fact, these physical exfoliant home remedies can potentially make your pores appear larger, as more micro-tears appear. Due to this, our suggestion would be to stay away from home remedies. Instead, when it comes to how to get rid of open pores on the face, it's always best to do your research, before diving head-first into the first home remedy.

Speak with a professional

You might have been a long-term member of #teamnopores, but age can catch up on you far quicker than you think. In fact, age can affect your pore appearance, as your skin loses collagen and slowly begins to slacken.

However, the best way to address this is to speak with a dermatologist or a licensed aesthetician. These individuals can point you in the direction of proper treatment, and perform the procedure in the correct environment. For example, you might want to opt for a micro-needling treatment. While this might not get rid of your pores, it can certainly reduce their appearance.

Additionally, they might not be able to tell you how to get rid of open pores on the face permanently, but they can potentially offer long-term solutions. Another option could be laser treatment, which helps reduce pore appearance. This could also give you a more even skin tone, and address fine lines. These non-invasive procedures could offer you a long-term solution and a happy medium to minimising your pores, instead of getting rid of them.

Always use SPF!

When it comes to skincare, prevention is always better than cure. Sun damage can make your pores look bigger, making them tougher to minimise. Therefore, it's much easier to get rid of sun damage than it is to get rid of pores - especially if you have a good SPF at hand. To avoid that dreaded white cast, choose an SPF oil or balm.

However, if you have oily skin, you can always use a tinted option, as this will give you a matte finish. Additionally, you can layer your SPF over our Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser. Packed full of natural emollients like olive oil, this can help hydrate your skin, despite its top layer. Plus, it contains zinc, boosting your SPF's ability.

Don't try to get rid of your pores - live with them!

Ultimately, we can't get rid of our pores. However, we can minimise their appearance, making them look smaller and our skin look smoother. After all, at Poko, we believe that all skin is good skin - regardless of pore size. If you're determined to try one of our remedies, though, be sure to patch-test products first.

Furthermore, focus on how your skin feels with these changes. Slowly adapt to a new, pore-friendly skincare routine, instead of adopting all these changes at once. Over time, you should see a change in how your skin looks - for the better, of course!


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