How To Get The Most Out Of Your Skincare

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Skincare

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Skincare

You might feel like finding the perfect skincare routine is the hardest part of your skin ritual, but storing your skincare safely and effectively is just as important as getting the products you use right. Storing your products correctly means you get the most out of them and ensure the product's effectiveness is consistent throughout your use. Equally this means that storing them in the wrong conditions can cause havoc on your newly coveted, and sometimes expensive, skincare routine. This guide will cover the best and worst things you can do to get the most out of your skincare products.

Sunlight Doesn’t Just Age Your Skin

There’s a bit of sun worshiper in all of us but the sun can speed up signs of ageing and damage the skin if unprotected. The sun can also be enemy number one to our precious skincare products. Direct sunlight heats up our products causing the formulation to break down at a much quicker rate. This can be particularly problematic with natural ingredients, and can cause ingredients efficacy to lessen, making your product less effective than it should be. While most products will be fine at room temperature, we always recommend storing your products in a drawer or cabinet to keep them working their best.

What Temperature Should Skincare Be Kept At?

There’s no perfect answer here. Like we’ve mentioned above, most skincare and makeup products work perfectly when kept at room temperature. Storing your products in a dry area at a constant temperature will work best for most products. Fluctuating temperatures can alter the stability of your products and even the texture, so extreme temperature changes should be avoided. That being said, some products can add to the experience when stored in the fridge.   

Skincare Fridges, Hit or Miss?

Skincare fridges have been a hot topic in recent years, with the likes of Primark releasing its much coveted skincare fridge, the question still remains. Are they worth the hype? The answer is, for product efficacy and stability, no, room temperature and dryness is enough to maintain your skincare products ability to do its job while looking the part.

However, we are big advocates for making room in your fridge for certain products. Our Correcting Eye Cream and Soothing Serum provide your skincare routine a refreshing boost when stored in the fridge, boosting their cooling benefits and reducing puffiness and inflammation. Storing them in the fridge for just 30 minutes before use is enough to feel truly rejuvenated with these products.

Don’t store them in the freezer, as freezing and then thawing products can cause them to become very unstable and not fit for purpose.

Spin Me Right Round, Or At least Very Tight

Oxygen, we need it to survive, our skincare products however, are the exact opposite. Reducing exposure to air is a game changer. Oxidation can occur rapidly in products if they are exposed to open air for too long. Reducing exposure as much as possible can help to keep your products in tip top shape for as long as possible, and reduce oxidation. Products that come with airless pumps are already going a long way to being protected from oxidation but for products like your Light Hydrating or Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser, they need to be protected to prevent discoloration and breakdown. Take what you need out of the pot with clean hands and then immediately tightly seal the lid and pop it back in its nice cool cabinet where it belongs.

Are Bathrooms Safe?

We get it, storing your skincare beside the sink where you use it is efficient and convenient for you, but the steamy showers you enjoy while belting out your favourite Maria Carey song is not doing your products any favours. Water can condense on many surfaces and cause bacteria and mould, especially if your products are not sealed tight. Sounds frightening. Consider skipping the bathroom vanity for something a little more skincare friendly.

Making Skincare Last

In a nutshell, skincare, much like houseplants, takes minimal effort for maximum results. The key things to remember is keep them out of direct sunlight, make sure you rightly and properly seal the lid after use and if you can, store them in a cupboard outside of your steamy bathroom. It is important to note though that skincare ingredients that use large amounts of natural ingredients can see some slight discolouration over time, and are completely safe to use once you've been storing them correctly. 

Follow these simple steps and your glowing skin won’t be going anywhere.

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