Mixing skincare and makeup

Mixing skincare and makeup

Mixing skincare and makeup

We’ve all mixed makeup and skincare products at some point. Adding some vitamin C powder into an oxidised bottle of serum for a boost, or mixing foundation with aloe vera gel on those dry skin days.

But why stop there? Adding a serum to your foundation can completely change how your foundation sits on your skin. Boosting vitamin C with an SPF can provide extra protection against UV damage.

At Poko, we’re jumping on the skincare cocktail trend. Here are some of the best ways to mix our skincare products with your makeup routine.

The benefits of mixing makeup and skincare

There are many benefits to mixing makeup and skincare. Professional makeup artists swear by skincare-makeup cocktails.

Adding a hydrating serum to your foundation can really elevate your look, giving you that dewy, radiant glow. A clear coat of lip gloss can boost your lipstick’s staying power.

Plus, turning your separate skincare routine and makeup routine into one makeup skincare routine can save time! You’ll be out of the door that much faster by mixing layers, instead of waiting for each product to dry.

Isn’t it, “skincare before makeup”?

It used to be. Times are changing, though. Professional makeup artists have experimented with the best ways to achieve healthy, glowing skin.


We’ve discussed the benefits of giving your skin a break from makeup. Your skin might be living its best, makeup-free life at home. But with offices and restaurants reopening, reintroduce makeup to your skin by infusing it with skincare products that are good for it.

Makeup and skincare cocktails seem to be the way forward. Apparently, adding a good moisturiser to your foundation will make it apply smoother and last longer. If that’s the secret to flawless, healthy skin, we’re on board.

We’re ready for this makeup revolution, skincare style!

Makeup skincare routines with Poko

If you’re looking to turn your makeup and skincare into one seamless routine, here’s how to do that with Poko!

In the grand cream of things

Some BB creams contain pigments. While this makes BB cream great for covering up blemishes, it also makes BB cream extremely drying, when used long-term.

Get the best of both the makeup and skincare world by swapping your BB cream for Poko’s Light Hydrating Moisturiser. Mixing a few drops of foundation into the moisturiser makes for an excellent BB cream substitute. All of the coverage, none of the dry skin!

We decided to try this out for ourselves, and we chose one of our favourites, Second Skin foundation by sculptedbyaimee. It is a 100% mineral foundation, with medium buildable coverage. This foundation is super hydrating because of the ingredients it is packed with, like hyaluronic acid. Our moisturiser worked perfect when mixed together with this foundation. 

Both of these products mixed together will give your skin the extra hydration it may need, while giving you a glowing, natural finish. 

Correct with concealer

The skin under your eyes is especially delicate. Concealing that area every day can contribute to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles there.


Poko’s Correcting Eye Cream is made with this in mind. It’s the perfect base for under-eye concealer. Go one step further by mixing the cream with your concealer. Apply this light, creamy cocktail with clean hands for full coverage!

We chose another one of our favourites, the Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer. This is a liquid concealer with high coverage, making it the perfect formulation to pair with our concealer. This will keep your under eye area hydrated while locking everything else into place.  

A skincredible serum cocktail

Another way to mix your makeup and skincare is by mixing some foundation with a few drops of Poko’s Soothing Serum. This can be done on the back of your hand. Not only will this help to match to your skin tone, but you’re also saving on wash-up.

Our serum is formulated for fast absorption, so work quickly when you do this. With a little practice, you’ll get it down in no time.

Oils well that ends well

This is by far our favourite combination. 

Foundation is always a good indicator of a long day at work. By the time you come home, it’s usually dry and flaky, and sometimes even cracked. It’s less makeup, more warpaint -- and nobody wants that.

Here’s where our Luxury Facial Oil comes in. Adding a few drops of oil to your foundation might seem counterproductive, but you’d be surprised. We chose to mix our oil with Second Skin, in matte finish, and it worked perfectly. 

The oil thins out your foundation, making it glide on smoother. It also moisturises your skin throughout the day. Finish your look with loose powder; your foundation will be as ready as you are to take on the day!


Why did we do this?

We decided to mix our skincare products with Irish makeup brands, because of how they preform, preform exceptionally well with our products. As Poko is also an Irish brand, we want to show our support to other Irish businesses.

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