Moringa oil for skin: The 10 best benefits of moringa oil

Moringa oil for skin: The 10 best benefits of moringa oil

Moringa oil for skin: The 10 best benefits of moringa oil

As an all-natural skincare brand, we believe in the benefits of natural ingredients. In fact, ayurvedic practitioners have used moringa oil in skincare for decades. Because of this, we want to tell you all about moringa oil - and what it can do for you.

What is moringa oil?

Before we delve into moringa oil and its benefits for the skin, we'll tell you a little more about it as a whole. Moringa oil stems from the Moringa Oleifera tree, which originates from parts of South Asia. Now, you can find the tree all over the world, including in parts of Africa and America.

Many South Asian communities refer to this tree as, "the miracle tree", as it has a selection of uses. With people using its bark, flowers, leaves, seeds, and roots for many different things, it's no surprise that its oil is just as nutritious. In fact, moringa oil benefits originate from its cytokinin content.

Cytokinin can encourage skin cell growth and renewal. They also play a role in producing fatty acids, which in turn, could help minimise signs of ageing. Therefore, it's no surprise that moringa oil is fast becoming a skincare must-have.

Generally, cosmetic and skincare brands utilise cold-pressed moringa oil. This method helps preserve its fatty acids, nutrients, cytokinins, and anti-oxidants. It also doesn't affect its texture, for a skin-friendly end product.

With so many skincare brands capitalising off moringa oil and its benefits, we want to break it down for you. Here's everything moringa oil can do for you and your skin!

1. Want that summer glow, year-round? Moringa could help!

Adding moringa oil to your skincare routine could help balance your skin's hydration levels. In fact, moringa oil works to reinforce your natural moisture barrier, so it benefits your skin.

This, in turn, puts less pressure on your skin to hydrate itself - leading to less oil production. Therefore, you're less likely to experience that oily sheen every afternoon. Additionally, moringa oil takes a two-pronged approach to give you that summer glow. Its nutrient levels encourage healthy skin, cell growth, and a better moisture barrier.

Over time, this could result in a healthy glow - even outside of the summer months. Why not add some moringa oil to your skincare routine, and see for yourself?

2. Moringa oil: a gentle way to tackle cracked, scarred skin

If you're trying to handle cracked skin and scarring, you'll know that the golden rule is this: keep your skin hydrated! By keeping your skin hydrated, it has one less thing to worry about. Therefore, it's able to focus on the healing process - and on effectively absorbing your treatment of choice.

Moringa oil is known for its emollient benefits. In fact, studies show that moringa oil helps keep your skin's surface hydrated and protected. Not only does this help to address cracked skin and minor scarring, but it also helps to speed up and encourage the healing process.

3. Oil cleansing has never felt better!

At Poko, we've often talked about the importance of double-cleansing. That first cleanse helps break down oils, make-up, and grime built up throughout the day. Double-cleansing helps get your skin squeaky-clean, and ready for your PM routine. However, choosing a cleansing oil can be quite difficult; you don't want something too harsh, or too oily. Both these options can cause premature signs of ageing over long-term use. In this case, why not try moringa oil instead?

Cold-pressed moringa oil has a delightful consistency, one that glides over your skin to gently cleanse it. Furthermore, when it comes to moringa oil, our skin benefits from its selection of fatty acids.

Over time, these fatty acids can help delay signs of ageing and fine lines. The fatty acids can also act as an emulsifier. Therefore, moringa oil could help cleanse your skin from the day's grime with minimal effort. This means that you put less stress on your skin, encouraging a more gentle cleansing process, and hitting pause on physical stressors.

4. Break away from those breakouts

Breakouts can really put a damper on our good skin days. With so many natural cure-alls on the market, is moringa oil just another flash in the pan? Apparently not; the benefits of moringa for the skin extend beyond your natural moisture barrier.

In fact, moringa oil's antimicrobial and antiseptic properties could be a natural way to help with acne and breakouts. Not only does it work to regulate sebum production, but it also reinforces your skin's barrier. In this way, moringa oil works to prevent clogged pores, while keeping your skin hydrated. Therefore, by using moringa oil as a surface hydrator, you reduce the risk of bacterial infections that eventually turn into breakouts.

5. Moringa oil is the perfect dry skin solution!

Just when you thought moringa oil couldn't get any better - we're here to tell you about its practically endless benefits. In fact, moringa oil is the perfect way to remedy dry and dehydrated skin. When you have dry skin, finding the perfect moisturiser can be extremely different.

Many moisturisers made for dry skin can be far too thick and occlusive. Over time, using these moisturisers can result in clogged pores, which could turn into red, inflamed spots. However, don't despair - moringa oil could be the solution to all your dry-skinned woes.

With its combination of hydrating agents, coupled with its fatty acid levels, moringa oil benefits your skin via your skin's hydration levels. Use it as a surface hydrator after your PM routine, or add a moringa-rich product to your skincare shelf!

6. Healthy skin all comes down to balance

Our skin's natural pH value generally sits somewhere between 5.0 to 5.5. Sometimes, skincare products with high levels of active ingredients can affect this delicate balance, causing dryness, inflammation, excess oil production, or breakouts. To avoid this, it's extremely important to maintain your skin's balance.

But with so many active-rich skincare products on the market, how can you do this? Well, moringa oil could play a role here. When we use active-heavy skincare products, this can often throw off our natural pH levels. As a result, you could see excess oil production, or experience dry, tight skin. After all, our skin is different and can react differently to these products.

However, there's no reason to ditch your actives; we love our AHAs and BHAs! Instead, take some time to rebalance your skin - with moringa oil, of course. The skin-related benefits of moringa oil extend to its texture. In fact, its texture resembles our skin's natural oils, making it the perfect option to balance your skin after a chemical exfoliant.

7. It could be a natural way to tackle signs of ageing

Vitamin E can play a huge role in slowing down signs of ageing. Applied topically, vitamin E helps neutralise free radicals, reversing skin damage. Therefore, if you're looking to add vitamin E to your skincare routine, moringa oil is a great way to do it!

In addition to this, moringa oil also contains high levels of other antioxidants. This makes it the perfect way to tackle those fine lines and rough textures. To avail of its benefits, simply add a facial oil or moisturiser with moringa to your skincare routine - it's that easy!

8. Moringa oil could help with psoriasis and eczema

Many creams for psoriasis and eczema contain salicylic acid, which helps promote cell growth. However, daily use can render these creams ineffective, as the skin gets used to salicylic levels. In this situation, why not try moringa oil?

A study from 2010 indicated that moringa has been used in traditional medicinal forms for centuries. According to the study, moringa was used to treat a variety of conditions - from the topical to the internal. However, we've come a long way from eating moringa leaves and fruit for its benefits.

Instead, consider availing of the benefits of moringa oil for your skin through topical application. Its hydrating, emollient properties could go a long way in promoting cell growth. Therefore, it could offer a more gentle alternative to salicylic acid-infused treatment creams.

9. It's not just for your skin!

By now, it's clear that moringa oil has an endless number of benefits. However, the list doesn't stop here. In fact, you can use moringa oil for better hair and scalp health!

We're all too familiar with the start of autumn and winter. While there are PSLs in abundance, transition times can wreak havoc on our skin, hair, and scalp.

To avail of its benefits, treat yourself to a moringa oil hair and scalp mask once a week. Its nutrients and antioxidants help nourish your scalp, promoting healthier growth and less flaking. It can also hydrate your hair, making flyaways and frizz a thing of the past.

10. Put the, "cute" in cuticles with moringa oil

Transition times can be painful on your hands, too. After all, we might take good care of our face, but our hands could always use a little more TLC. However, most heavy-duty hand creams can leave our hands greasy, weighed down, and sweaty - not a pleasant feeling at all.

Nobody wants to leave smudges everywhere, but fear not - there's a lighter alternative that can be just as hydrating. A few drops of moringa oil will do the trick, hydrating the skin on your hands and addressing those cuticles. Plus, moringa oil will help encourage healthier nails.

Therefore, there's no need to dread torn cuticles and cracked nails this winter. Instead, moisturise regularly with moringa oil to avail of its benefits - it really is that easy!

How can I add moringa oil to my skincare routine?

Current skincare trends indicate that single-purpose products are extremely popular. However, the best possible way to utilise the benefits of moringa oil is with a multi-purpose option. By combining moringa oil with a selection of other ingredients, you'll be able to target more than one skincare concern.

Therefore, you'll be more likely to see a better, quicker, and more effective improvement in your skin. Because of this, we'd recommend our Luxury Facial Oil. By combining moringa oil with other skin-loving ingredients (hemp, baobab oil, and a combination of essential oils), we unlock its full potential.

Furthermore, our Luxury Facial Oil is formulated for facial use. Therefore, you know it's gentle enough for a multi-purpose, multi-use serum. Whether using it for a first cleanse, or as a weekly hair mask, it'll take an irreplaceable position of honour on your skincare self. Plus, its exquisite, all-natural fragrance adds a certain indulgence to your skincare routine. It's the perfect way to wind down and pamper your skin after a long day!

Moringa - it's the miracle tree for a reason!

By now, it's clear that moringa might seem like a little bit of a cure-all. However, here's what we know: it certainly seems effective at helping with skin conditions. After all, it's been used in traditional medicine for centuries, and now, we have the science to back it up.

The benefits of moringa oil could potentially encourage better skin. It fosters an improved natural moisture barrier - protecting your skin from free radicals and environmental damage. This, in turn, could play a role in slowing down signs of ageing.

Plus, moringa oil benefits all skin types, working well on even oily and sensitive skin types. In fact, it resembles your skin's natural sebum textures, so it could help decrease excess oil production. This leaves you with perfectly-hydrated, glowing skin - despite the season.

Based on this, it's clear that moringa oil is a must-have skincare ingredient. Not only does it work, regardless of skin type, but it's perfectly safe to use, as well. Why not try it out and see for yourself? Start your moringa oil journey today, with our Luxury Facial Oil!

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