Poko’s Guide to a Simple Skincare Routine

Poko’s Guide to a Simple Skincare Routine

Poko’s Guide to a Simple Skincare Routine

So, you want to get into skincare, but you aren’t sure where to start? We hear you, it's a minefield to the newly converted and pros alike. With so many buzzwords and a new celebrity skincare range launching every week it’s hard to know your hydrators from your treatments and even worse, what to do with it all.

At Poko we believe in using skincare routines that are tailored to your needs and are easy to remain consistent with. In other words, we’ve got you covered. Skincare doesn’t need to be complicated but the first step should be identifying your skin type and deciding what it is you want to achieve with your skincare routine.

Once you understand what you need from your skincare it’s easier to determine what products you need to include.

Get Back to Basics

The first thing you want to do when building a simple routine is to assess essential steps. In skincare there are only three steps that you should always have in your routine;

  1. Hydrate: Choose a cleanser that is gentle enough for everyday use and offers hydration. Depending on your skin type you can also look for ingredients that aid your skin. 
  2. Moisturise: Find a lightweight moisturiser that nourishes and supports your skin. 
  3. Protect: SPF is essential and should be worn 365 days a year, find something that fits your skin type and apply it liberally. 

These 3 steps are the fundamentals to a good skincare routine. Like a black strap top in your wardrobe, these are the basics you can’t do without, so don’t skimp on them. Make sure your fundamentals are a perfect fit for you.

Treatment Step in Skincare Routine


It’s Time To Treat Yourself

One of our favourite but also most misunderstood steps. Add a treatment product that targets your skin concerns. This step is different for everyone and will heavily depend on your skin type, season, age, hormones and a number of other factors. Skin changes, so your skin care should too. This step is the perfect part of your routine to really cater to your individual needs at the time.

With so many choices from serums, toners, masks and oils, it can be hard to determine what you need. Approach your treatment stage from a place of knowledge - understand what it is you want to address. For example if you are suffering with acne or breakouts look for a calming serum that includes tea tree oil or salicylic acid or AHA’s. If you suffer with dryness hone in on a treatment step that provides hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. For signs of ageing you may want an eye cream or treatment that contains peptides or hydrolysed collagen.

Take your time finding products that work for you, test them out and only add them if you think they will improve your own unique issues. Also don’t be afraid to change this step as your skin changes over time. If you’re still unsure, reach out to the Poko  team for advice.  

A Basic Skincare Routine is Not Just for Newbies

It’s important to note that a paired back skinimalist approach to skincare isn’t necessarily just for people discovering skincare for the first time. While we love a layered skincare routine, people need to be mindful of what they are layering and why. Overuse of active ingredients can damage your skin's natural barrier and make it reliant on skin products to keep it protected and healthy, which is exactly what skincare shouldn’t be used for.

If you find your skin is feeling tight, red or overly sensitive you may be overusing your actives. In this case, start to pair back your routine and stick with just the essential steps to get your skin back to a place where your routine is supporting your skin's own ability to repair and strengthen itself.

Remember more isn’t always better, only use products that have a function in your routine and make sure your products all provide different benefits. If you’re unsure, pair your routine back and only add steps in as you need them. 

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