Products you didn’t know you could mix with your foundation

Products you didn’t know you could mix with your foundation

Products you didn’t know you could mix with your foundation

Foundation, the staple product in all of our makeup bags, is the perfect way to hide all of our hang-ups but today, it can provide much more than just a cover-up.

This heavenly makeup product has transformed over the years to also aid your skin in healing and reviving itself.

We know what you’re thinking ‘I can’t afford those types of foundations’, but did you know that you can easily transform your foundation into a skin-loving miracle by following these steps on how to mix foundation makeup.

Oil is not the enemy

If you find your foundation application always leaves you with a dry, flaky, less than desirable look, try adding one or two drops of Poko Luxury Facial Oil. The oil will help your foundation go on smoothly and hydrate your dry skin at the same time.

For all the acne-prone skin types out there, we know oil is not what you want to hear, but try adding a drop or two of tea tree oil and watch your foundation transform into an acne-fighting powerhouse.

BB Cream but better

Moisturisers are a staple in every skincare regime, however, you can mix a drop of your foundation into your moisturiser to create an at-home BB Cream that perfectly matches your complexion.


For more mature skin, mix a drop of your foundation into your Poko Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser to give your skin a colourful glow.

If you struggle with dryness and shy away from foundation, adding a drop to your Poko Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser will give you a smooth application while adding a pop of colour to your skin.

Serum is a saviour

This trick is our personal favourite. Serums provide targeted treatments for so many skin problems, so imagine how powerful your skin could be when you mix it with your favourite serum, full coverage while also erasing dark spots, moisturising and brightening your skin.

We recommend you put one or two drops of Poko Soothing Serum on the back of your hand and add a few drops of your favourite foundation. Mix the two together and apply. Serums are absorbed into the skin fast, so don’t wait too long before applying your foundation after mixing.

Tips and tricks to mixing

When mixing your products, it’s important to check whether they are oil-based or water-based. Mixing products with different bases will result in a bad finish.

Using two products together not only helps blend but also hydrates your skin at the same time.



Don’t be afraid to try mixing your foundation with a number of products you already use. Wearing make-up doesn’t have to be bad for your skin and the better you can pair your foundation with skin-loving ingredients the more you’re going to glow.

Now that you know how to mix foundation makeup with your usual at-home skincare favourites, your skin’s true potential is about to shine.

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