The benefits of using a facial oil and why we recommend using one

The benefits of using a facial oil and why we recommend using one

The benefits of using a facial oil and why we recommend using one

Aren’t we all in the quest for a radiant and even tone complexion? A smooth and glowing skin that can be spotted from a mile off? Well, we surely are.

We must have tried dozens of skincare products, from toners to different serums and moisturisers to achieve that. Little did we know that an important product was missing from our skincare regimen: facial oil.

Facial oil: A must for all skin types

If the thought of ‘oil’ and ‘skin’ makes you shake your head in horror, especially if you have more oily skin, then you are not alone.

Many people are under a misconception that facial oils are exclusively for people with dry skin. They could not be more wrong. In fact, according to top dermatologists, the right facial oil could do wonders for all skin types.

Nowadays, hemp oil for skin is in vogue, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Basically, a good face oil could solve a number of your skincare concerns. It can transform your skin from lacklustre to luminous.

However, it is important to realise that not all facial oils are the same. You may prefer using a face oil for acne. However, some of the ingredients might irritate your skin. The goal is to nourish your skin. So be sure to check the ingredients list of any facial oil before you use it.

We are delving into the many benefits you can gain from using it face oil, and especially a face oil for acne. 

5 Benefits from using a facial oil:

1. It can help in reducing acne breakouts

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you may tend to wash your face a little more. This practice might actually prove to be counterintuitive in reducing breakouts.

Washing your face often leads to moisture loss, triggering your body to produce more oil resulting in those pesky zits. This means that your oily skin needs to be kept hydrated at all times. This is where a facial oil can help.

The best oil for acne-prone skin is one that contains moringa oil. Moringa oil is an amazing source of Vitamin E and fatty acids. Vitamin E helps in reducing acne scarring and blemishes. It is also rich in oleic acid, which helps the skin stay hydrated and maintain its natural moisture barrier. This means that it can help fight off any environmental free radicals which may cause acne breakouts.

2. It can help to shrink enlarged pores

One of the signs of ageing is enlarged pores. As your skin grows older, it starts losing its elasticity, which makes your pores look bigger. The best face oil for acne and ageing is one that contains baobab oil. It is rich in omega fatty acids as well as vitamins A, D, E, F.

All these elements help to plump up the skin and reduce visible signs of ageing. Due to its silky finish, it helps in hydrating both dry and oily skin without clogging pores.

3. It can help soothe inflammation

The best oil for acne and people with sensitive skin is one that has anti-inflammatory properties. Owing to its soothing properties, Hemp oil for skin is fast gaining popularity. Hemp has strong antioxidant properties. Thus, it can help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles while helping brighten up skin. 

4. It can act as a great primer for makeup

Facial oil with ingredients that gain skin plumping and smoothing properties can act as a great primer for makeup. The smoother your face, the better your makeup will settle on. Crambe seed oil and baobab oil have a rich, silky finish.  They help blur imperfections and provide a smooth base for makeup without clogging pores.

5. It can provide great hydration for dry skin

Living in colder climates, means your skin loses moisture fast. It can become dry, rough, and flaky - a big no-no! This is where a good facial oil comes in.

A facial oil rich in ingredients like baobab oil can be particularly effective for providing deep hydration for dry skin.

Poko’s Luxury Facial Oil

If all the above-listed benefits have compelled you to introduce a facial oil into your skin routine. Then you need not look far!

Poko’s Luxury Facial Oil is the best oil for acne-prone and dry skin, and for achieving a glowing, healthy complexion.

The Luxury Facial Oil is suitable for all skin types, from severely dry and dehydrated to oily and acne-prone. Like all our other Poko products, hemp is the main ingredient. It also contains ingredients like crambe seed oil, baobab oil, moringa oil and pomegranate extract.

Poko's Luxury Facial Oil

As we mentioned above, these ingredients provide great hydration for the skin without clogging pores. They are rich in omega fatty acids which help revitalise the skin and protect it from environmental irritants like pollution, which contribute to congested and ageing skin.

The pomegranate extract in Poko’s Luxury Facial Oil is rich in Vitamin C and brimming with antioxidants that will help brighten up the skin.

Your journey to a radiant complexion starts with Poko

Tip: We recommend you try mixing the Luxury Facial Oil with your favourite foundation. Especially in the colder months it will help to give you an extra boost of hydration while keeping your foundation flawless. 

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