The Poko team's skincare routine revealed!

The Poko team's skincare routine revealed!

The Poko team's skincare routine revealed!

So, we’re a skincare company *shock horror* and it goes without saying that we love our skincare. Maybe a little borderline obsession. I often see the staff leaving the office with new goodie bags on payday - but what exactly are in the bags? 

Do we have the same beauty secrets? Do we have the same favourites? I needed to know, once and for all, what exactly the Poko team’s skincare routine looks like. So, let’s get into it!

Justine - COO & Founder

Skin type: Temperamental / Combination / Oily with dry patches 

Problem area: T-Zone and dark under eyes

Top 3 products: Poko’s Purifying Gel Cleanser, Soothing Serum, & Correcting Eye Cream

AM routine

“After a nice cold shower to shock the system, I use our Purifying Gel Cleanser and wipe it off with a damp reusable Bamboo face pad or Tesco's finest face cloth if I don't have any clean Bamboo pads. 

I follow up with a few dots of Correcting Eye Cream patted in under my eyes and Soothing Serum gently massaged into any trouble areas I have and my T-Zone to control any excess sebum production. 

Finally I use the Daily SPF50 Moisturiser generously on my face and neck, I wait for it to dry in and then depending on how I'm feeling (and how much time I have to get to the office) I'll put on my make-up - the daily moisturiser works really well for a primer so I don't need to use anything else, it keeps my skin looking dewy under my makeup which I love!”

Pm routine

Justine goes a little wilder, “I start with Nivea's Cleansing Vitamin C Micellar Water to remove makeup, then I do a double cleanse with our Purifying Gel Cleanser

From here we mix it up, depending on my skin and how it's acting at the time I will add Revolutions Skincare 10% Niacinamide and 1% Zinc Blemish & Pore Serum, followed by the Soothing Serum all over my face, if my breakouts are under control, I'll skip the niacinamide. 

Then I'll use my Correcting Eye Cream followed by Poko's Light Hydrating Moisturiser. Twice a week, I skip the niacinamide and Soothing Serum step and use Poko's AHA Exfoliating Treatment instead.“ 

You’re skincare obsessed! Why do I feel like there’s more…

“Yep, on Sunday nights we pamper - so after cleansing and removing make-up I'll do a face mask, which varies as I'm still looking for the perfect one but I tend to look for masks with charcoal, tea tree or clay in them to calm my skin and help with blackheads and deep pore cleansing. I also prefer masks that I can wash off rather than peel. 

I'll follow up with a charcoal nose strip and a de-puffing eye mask, a little eye brow tidy up and we're done. On several occasions I have been asked if I didn't do any of this would I look any which I say, we'll never know!” Well, I support you Justine. *Bravo*

Darren - Head Designer

Skin type: Unsure / Non-problematic / Lovely

Problem area: Forehead

Top 3 products: Poko’s Purifying Gel Cleanser, Daily SPF 50 Moisturiser, Air

AM routine

“My skin routine is carried out either in the morning or at night, depending on when I'm having my shower. I use the cleanser in the shower and the moisturiser afterward.” Look, at least it’s not body soap or worse…Fairy Liquid.

PM Routine

“Again, it all depends on when I choose to shower that day. That's honestly it. I think my skin is just naturally lovely.” Must be nice *cries hysterically*.

Any beauty secrets? 

“Hmm, more like a confession. I used to get a lot of tiny little bumps on my forehead. When I told my friend that I was scrubbing my face with a pouffe, she was absolutely horrified and told me to use a cleanser & moisturiser, and to never touch a pouffe to my face again.” Yikes, I’m glad you have such supportive friends.

Do you use a face pad, gua sha, jade roller…anything!?

“Nope, just my hands.” Well for some. I’m not bitter at all.

Rochelle - Business Growth Manager

Skin type: Oily / Hormonal / Acne prone 

Problem area: Chin and jawline

Top 3 products: Poko’s Purifying Gel Cleanser, Soothing Serum, Light Hydrating Moisturiser

AM Routine

“In the mornings, I try to keep it simple and normally just cleanse and then use Poko's Daily SPF 50 Moisturiser.” Fair, can’t skip SPF.

PM Routine

Here’s where Rochelle goes all in, “Since I'm prone to breakouts, on days that I wear makeup, I double cleanse. I use Poko's Purifying Gel Cleanser since it has AHAs and Niacinamide and then I double cleanse with Cerave Foaming Cleanser. 

After that, I use Poko's Brightening Rosewater Toner. Then I use Poko's Correcting Eye Cream to keep my under eye skin nourished. For my breakouts, I use Poko's Soothing Serum to calm my acne but when it's especially bad, I also use pure aloe vera mixed with tea tree on it. When that dries, I use Poko's Light Hydrating Moisturiser to keep my skin hydrated. It's got a really lightweight texture which easily absorbs on the skin and is friendlier to acne prone skin.”

Sounds like you know your stuff, anything else?

“I also use Poko’s AHA Exfoliating Treatment twice a week which is a godsend for my acne prone skin. And once a week, I use Hey Bud hemp clay mask! A few times a week, at night, as the very last step of my skincare routine, I use Poko's Luxury Facial Oil to lock in moisture.” For the record, Rochelle’s skin is glowing.

Vicky - Content Writer

Skin type: Oily / Hyperpigmentation

Problem areas: T-zone and cheeks

Top 3 products: Poko's Correcting Eye Cream, Light Hydrating Moisturiser, Soothing Serum

AM Routine

"I have a morning routine that I swear by as my T-zone and cheeks get super oily when I wake up. Most people are tempted to scrub this skin type harshly but I know better from learning the hard way! I start with a gentle wash using La Roche-Posay Hydrating Gentle Cleanser followed by Naturium Tranexamic Topical Acid 5%. I follow up with Elf Holy Hydration moisturiser." Vicky is no skincare newbie, also knowing never to skip her SPF! "A no brainer for me is Nivea's Dark Spot Control with SPF 50 Sun Fluid or Poko's Daily SPF 50 Moisturiser. Whichever one I go for, it has to be 50 and broad spectrum." Yes, Vicky! *high five*

PM Routine

"I keep it simple and continue with the same cleanser, my reliable La Roche-Posay Hydrating Gentle Cleanser. My skin tends to be on the oily side so I like to stick with a cleanser that works for me and contains niacinamide which is known to be good for keeping skin in a healthy condition. For moisturiser I love Aveeno Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream."

Any more products you recommend?

"I actually never used to believe much in eye creams before trying Poko's Correcting Eye Cream. I spend most of my day behind a screen, so the cooling and refreshing effect it has on the eye area has me hooked! Plus, I really notice the benefits to any dark circles throughout the day." Honestly, I can relate - eye creams are a genuine must have.

I'm sure there's more...

"Well, my skin is pretty accustomed to retinol and I have been experimenting with it since learning of its benefits. I apply Cerave's Resurfacing Retinol Serum every night to keep my oil production under control. Whenever I need it I like to use Poko's Soothing Serum for my t-zone and specifically oily areas throughout the day. I find it's hydrating enough not to strip the oil away but also soothes any unwanted shine or irritation." 

Becca - Marketing

Skin type: Combination / Acne prone 

Problem area: Chin / Cheeks / Acne scars

Top 3 products: Soothing Serum, Hempsoriasis Balm, Brightening Rosewater Toner

AM routine

My turn! First thing in the morning I swipe a cotton pad soaked with Poko’s Brightening Rosewater Toner across my face to remove any buildup or debris that has occurred overnight. I like to do this in place of a foaming cleanser as they can kind of irritate my skin and make me look flushed. I apply the Soothing Serum to calm any redness, then go in with Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base to nourish, and pop Poko’s Daily SPF 50 Moisturiser on top for extra moisture and UVA/UVB protection. If I feel like it, I’ll apply a BB cream and some bronzer.

PM routine

In the evening I like to double cleanse using an oil based product to remove makeup such as Bare Minerals Smoothness Hydrating Cleansing Oil and then follow with Poko’s Purifying Gel Cleanser to clean, especially if I have a bad breakout. I’ll use either the Bamboo Reusable Face Pad, a cotton pad, or face cloth - depending on what’s easily available to me and all with lukewarm water.

I have a bit more to say

I can’t really deny that I’m sort of retinol obsessed. I use Medik8 Crystal Retinal 3 under Poko’s Light Hydrating Moisturiser every other night and I’m kind of hooked. Don’t take my word for it though, a tolerance to retinols and retinals need to be built up and don’t agree with everyone. I like using it with the Light Hydrating Moisturiser because it nourishes my skin through the process without being too heavy.

Recently, I've been trying out ‘slugging’. It involves popping an oil or wax based product on your skin as the last step in your routine to create a barrier that amplifies any active skincare underneath. So, every once in a while I’ll give it a go using Poko’s Hempsoriasis Balm and my skin wakes up feeling really soft.

So, there we go

There are definitely some tips I’ll be trying out based on my team’s advice, although maybe not as far as using a pouffe on my face. I’m happy to say I’ve been nosey enough for the foreseeable future, and I’ll leave my team alone now. Well, until next pay day…

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