Top 10 Skincare Resolutions for 2022

Top 10 Skincare Resolutions for 2022

Top 10 Skincare Resolutions for 2022

How can we take better care of our skin in 2022? Well, by formulating some new year skincare resolutions, of course! If you’re new to skincare, then 2022 is the year you’ll learn to properly take care of your skin. However, if you’re a long-term skincare enthusiast with a shelfie to envy, you can still improve your routine. At Poko, we’re all about ringing in the year with good skin. However, we also want to take this one step further: by encouraging you to make small, sustainable changes to your skincare routine.

This year, if we can encourage you to take one small step for your skincare routine (but one giant step for your skin), we’ll consider it a win. Here are some easy skincare resolutions you can make, to help your skin look and feel its best this year.

1. Take your makeup off – every single night!

We know, we know. Sometimes, the urge to fall asleep with a full face of makeup on is extremely tempting, especially if you’ve had a long day, or a few drinks with friends. If you’ve fallen asleep on the couch, it’s far easier to transition straight to bed, than it is to make a stopover in the bathroom to take your makeup off. However, in 2022, make a conscious decision to be better about makeup removal, and your skin will thank you.

By removing your makeup at the end of every day (no matter how late!), you’ll reduce the risk of those pesky breakouts. The decision to remove your makeup will also help your skin appear less oily the next day. This is because you’ll be cleansing your skin of the makeup, so it won’t sit on your skin’s surface, or clog your pores – leaving your skin clean and clear for the next steps in your skincare routine. By making this one of your new year skincare resolutions, you’re sure to see healthier skin with minimal effort!

2. Make a resolution to add an exfoliant to your skincare routine

It’s 2022, so we’re here to tell you something we think everyone should know. It’s time to stop being scared of chemical exfoliants, and start incorporating them into your skincare routine. Not only are they better for your skin, but when used correctly, you won’t want to go back to physical alternatives. In fact, if there’s one new year skincare habit you take on this year, make it this one! At Poko, we want to make the transition to a chemical exfoliant that much easier on you and your skin, too.

Therefore, we’d recommend none other than our AHA Exfoliating Treatment – especially if you’re new to chemical exfoliants. It’s gentle enough for daily use, and works brilliantly for all skin types. A good-quality chemical exfoliant will help unclog your pores, and encourage healthy skin cell growth, contributing to fresher, smoother skin. The Poko option fits seamlessly into your current skincare routine – use it alongside your other products, and feel the difference.

3. Use SPF all day, every day

SPF should be a crucial part of every AM skincare routine – especially if you work or spend time outdoors. We’ll be the first to admit it; we’ve all been a little lax with SPF in our skincare routines. However, it’s one of our new year skincare resolutions to be better with SPF application, and we want to encourage you to follow suit. After all, a good SPF is the best anti-ageing method; yes, it really is that simple. For added sun protection, pair your SPF with our Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser, which contains zinc to help shield your skin from UV rays.

4. Skincare resolutions 101: go clean, go green!

If you’re looking to overhaul your entire skincare routine in 2022, then we’ve got the perfect new year skincare habit for you! It’s time to throw out all your empties, and restock your skincare shelf with a selection of clean, eco-friendly products. By doing this, you’ll ensure that your skincare routine isn’t just kind to your skin, but that it’s also kind to animals, and to the environment.

But how do you even begin to build a guilt-free skincare routine? Right here at Poko, of course! Our skincare range doesn’t just offer cruelty-free, vegan-friendly skincare alternatives. We also use organic ingredients in our skincare products, which means that both your skin and the environment are treated to the best!

5. Give those pillowcases a regular clean

Sure, we all love our pillowcases – from luxurious silk, to comforting brushed cotton. However, it’s important to keep them clean. After all, we all spend upwards of eight hours (at the very least!) resting our heads on them. When left unwashed, those pillowcases can house a hotbed of dirt, grime, and bacteria… especially if you tend to fall asleep with your makeup on. Over time, this can result in fungal infections on your skin, bacterial breakouts, and an uneven skin tone. Thankfully, all this can be avoided by changing your pillowcase every two weeks. If you have cotton pillowcases, consider washing them on 90 °C, or higher.

6. Make a skincare resolution to learn about your skin

As we get older, our skin type and texture can change – in a big way! Sure, the urge to stick to your holy grails can be tempting. However, if your skin has gone from oily to dry, then products for oily skin might only dry it out further. Therefore, one of your new year skincare resolutions should be to learn a little more about your skin! If you’ve noticed changes in how your skin looks and feels, then it’s time to move away from what you know.

Instead, take some time to read up about different skin types, and use our handy guide to figure out what yours is. Once you establish your skin type, you can stock up on new products that will best help you deal with it! That’s right – no more flaky skin, only made worse by products made to dry it out, or oily skin that looks even oilier after your skincare routine.

7. Get enough sleep

Those dark circles under your eyes can be caused by any number of reasons. They could even be genetic! However, a lack of sleep can only exacerbate the issue, making the skin under your eyes look much darker. This could also make you look more tired. Therefore, to address this, one of your new year skincare habits should be to try and get at least eight hours of sleep a night. First, this will help you wake up refreshed and well-rested. This could also help address the dark circles under your eyes. Follow this up with our Correcting Eye Cream for a brighter, more radiant under-eye area!

8. In the new year, make masking up a habit

Sure, we’ve all got a selection of facial coverings littered around our house – from the more heavy-duty for travel purposes, to the lighter options for popping down to the local Tesco. However, we aren’t talking about those face masks; we’re talking about face masks for your skin. Whether you prefer sheet masks, clay masks, exfoliating masks, or the under-eye options, they all have a host of benefits. Plus, there’s something so immensely soothing about putting on a face mask – especially when you pair it with a glass of wine and your favourite TV show.

skin care resolutions 2022

Therefore, one of your new year skincare resolutions should be to take some time to yourself, and pamper your skin with a face mask. Not only will you be indulging in some much-needed self-care, but your skin will emerge with that coveted healthy glow, too!

9. Find the right moisturiser for you

Finding the right moisturiser can take some time – and a lot of experimenting! After all, no two skin types are the same. Therefore, a moisturiser that works for a friend, or for your favourite skinfluencer might not work for you. Instead of taking recommendations from other people, research your skin type, and look for options that work for you. For example, if you have dry or mature skin, look for a moisturiser that addresses fine lines while offering total hydration; our Regenerating Collagen Moisturiser, for example! When you use the right skincare products for your skin type, your skin will look (and feel) better.

10. Hydrate from the inside out 

Last – but certainly not least on our list – is an extremely important skincare habit. We all know how important hydration is for good skin. After all, when your skin is properly hydrated, it effectively looks plumper and feels healthier. Therefore, as one of your new year skincare resolutions, make it a point to drink more water. By doing this, you’ll hydrate your skin from the inside out, availing of that healthy glow.

To make things a little more interesting, consider infusing your drinking water with skin-loving fruit and vegetables. Our current favourite combination is strawberry and cucumber! It’s delicious, refreshing, and is packed with skin-loving nutrients. By combining this with a proper skincare routine, you’re sure to see that glow-up, all through 2022!

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