5 Tips to protect your skin during your commute

5 Tips to protect your skin during your commute

5 Tips to protect your skin during your commute

Your skin has been living its best lockdown life -- it’s supple, it’s hydrated, it’s glowing. But now that quarantine is beginning to lift, you’re a little concerned about that commute.

Between maskne, all-day makeup, and air pollution, you don’t know how your skin will cope! A crowded tube station, a leaky bus stop on a rainy day, or bumper-to-bumper traffic can all negatively impact our complexion.

The good news is that you can protect your skin! Even if you’re commuting on a daily basis, you can look after your skin. We’re here to help, with five simple steps.

Wear SPF

We’ve extolled the benefits of sunscreen before, and we’ll do it again. SPF is the first step in ensuring your skin can continue to live its best life. Whether walking to work or waiting for the bus, your skin comes into contact with harmful UVA rays.

Adding SPF to your morning routine can protect your skin from UVA radiation. A good SPF will help in the fight against premature ageing and hyperpigmentation.

It should be applied on even the gloomiest of days. Remember to reapply regularly throughout the day if you spend lots of time outdoors!

Remember to hydrate

We understand how early-morning commutes can leave you craving large amounts of coffee. Staying hydrated is the first step in clear, healthy skin. Swap some of those cups of coffee with glasses of water, and keep sipping throughout the day.

For an added moisture boost, add a hydrating moisturiser, serum, or oil to your nighttime skincare routine. Poko’s Luxury Facial Oil assists in revitalising dry and dehydrated skin. The active ingredients promote the repair of your skin’s natural moisture barrier, making it a great option for commuters.

Double cleanse

We don’t entirely know what our skin is exposed to during our daily commutes. If we’re being completely honest, we don’t really want to know, either.


However, we do know what dirt and product buildup can do to our skin -- hyperpigmentation, premature ageing, saggy skin -- and we don’t like it. This can be prevented by double-cleansing, which is a great way to remove pollutants from your skin.

Start with a cleansing oil, gel, cream, or balm to gently remove make-up, SPF, and surface oils. Then, finish up with a foaming or micellar cleanser, to unclog your pores and banish any remaining impurities.

Once you’ve double-cleansed, your skin is a fresh canvas, ready to absorb your serums and toners!

Weekly mask night!

Overnight masks are a great way to pump your skin full of moisture. Used twice a week, they can have visible benefits, like plump, supple skin.

They’re very good for you, but that’s not what we mean -- we’re talking about sheet masks. Sheet masks are a fantastic way to relax after a stressful week. They’re packed full of botanical extracts and natural essences to give your skin what it needs.

Make Friday night your weekly mask night. Pamper yourself; treat yourself to a sheet mask. You can even pop it into the fridge, fifteen minutes before application, for the full spa experience.

Stop touching your face

We know how tempting it can be. Sometimes, even the thought of commuting on a crowded train can make your face itch.

However, we’re all trying to be a bit more vigilant with our hands and what they come into contact with. Our hands are sanitised, and we’ve gone through more packs of disinfecting wipes than we can count!

Generally, trying not to touch your face is a good habit to have. Germs from your hands can easily irritate the skin on your face, leading to breakouts.

If you need to touch your face, make sure to do so with clean hands -- both for your health, and for healthy skin.

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