Jess Redden announced as Poko's new ambassador

Jess Redden announced as Poko's new ambassador

Jess Redden announced as Poko's new ambassador

We’ve got news! We are very pleased to announce that we have partnered with fitness influencer and future pharmacist, Jess Redden. Known for her candid approach to social media, Jess perfectly encapsulates the Poko spirit. She has come on board as a brand ambassador and partner this 2022 joining her husband, rugby legend Rob Kearney who was announced as a partner in December of 2021.

With her background in health and wellness, her knowledge about fitness, and a huge social media following, she is the perfect Poko partner. The former model uses her social media platform on Instagram to encourage her followers to lead healthier, more mindful lifestyles – whether at the gym, or at home. She also shares a selection of accessible, nutritious recipes that she says everyone can make.

Jess Redden – skincare enthusiast, social media influencer, superstar pharmacist

It’s no secret that Jess Redden takes a multi-faceted approach to her lifestyle. A former model, she also works as a student pharmacist, striving to achieve her goals. Jess currently runs a successful online platform, boasting over 78,000 followers. On her Instagram account, Jess speaks openly about her life. A self-professed fitness enthusiast, she found herself at a loss when gyms all around Ireland closed, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead of falling off the fitness wagon, however, Jess began to exercise at home. She documented this for her followers, encouraging them to keep up with their fitness journeys. Ms Redden also posted – and continues to post – a series of at-home workouts, making exercise and fitness accessible to everyone. On a daily basis, Ms Redden inspires her followers to lead healthier lives, making both exercise and nutrition accessible.

This is in line with Poko’s values, as we like to emphasise the importance of looking after your health. Justine O’Hanlon, Poko’s co-founder, commented on this. Mrs O’Hanlon said that she appreciates the ways in which Jess uses her social media platform. She especially highlighted, “Her constant drive to promote overall wellness through focusing on both mindfulness and activeness.”, adding, “I feel Jess Redden really encapsulates the ethos of Poko.”

With her pharmacist qualification pending, Ms Redden could bring plenty to the table. Her approach to holistic wellness is one that is often promoted at Poko. After all, we offer a range of topicals for a variety of concerns targeting specific skin conditions, like psoriasis, acne and rosacea. There’s no doubt that we could see Jess Redden spearheading a range of new products, something Mrs O’Hanlon has hinted at. “We have many exciting projects coming up this year, and having Jess involved is going to be a huge asset to Poko,” she said.

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A brief history of Poko

Since its inception, Poko has only gone from strength to strength. As a vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand, we offer consumers a natural alternative to caring for their skin and providing solutions to skin problems such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, dehydration, eczema. We’ve long since promoted the idea of accessible skincare options – products that are good for your skin without losing the luxury feel to it, but that everyone can afford. After all, everybody deserves some luxury in their lives. These efforts have resulted in a successful brand, one that has scooped up numerous awards in the past year.

“Myself and Jess are both really excited to be partnering with a skincare brand like Poko. I find the stigma around male skin care in particular really needs to improve. Poko provides a unisex product to the market which I love.”, said Rob Kearney.

Commenting on the announcement, Jess Redden said; ‘’Poko is a very exciting brand which has enormous potential. They have a very strong set of values and really care about how the product is made and what ingredients go into it. That means a lot to me and Rob and it’s something that consumers are becoming more and more concerned about.’’

Jess Redden officially joins Poko as a brand ambassador and partner in February of 2022 and we’re looking forward to working on new and exciting projects together.

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